Miraculous Intervention: Do you want to know my story?

I am Claire Louise, and I was blessed into a family filled with love, abundance and prosperity in the Philippines.

Beginning 2008, however, I experienced a succession of losses. I lost my mom and my best friend to cancer, my dad to heart failure and my dog to an airborne virus. I found myself extremely lonely and uncontrollably sad for many years. I was praying to God and to anyone to just take me away.

One day, as if divinely intervened, I said, “I want to be a healer. I knew that if I were a healer, I would have healed my mom, dog, best friend and dad”. Since that moment in 2014, I’ve been continuously helping thousands of people in creating a life well-lived.

My offered services include:

  • Intuitive counseling via tarot card reading
  • Thetahealing
  • Readings about your angels, past lives, future, divine timing, soulmate compatibility, deceased loved ones, plants and animals
  • Dream interpretation
  • Past life regression via crystals

You can reach me at claire.cua@gmail.com.

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Customized Stone Bracelets

Do you wish for help in a particular area in your life? Or are you, perhaps, yearning for better health, love, prosperity and abundance? Maybe, more self-discipline, patience, clarity or willpower? Less anger or negativity? How about a new beginning?

The Universe granted us with semi precious stones that could help us with any of these. They can aid us in our journey in life. If you like playing computer games, think of stones as accessories that add to your stats (+5 defense, ×2 health, +10 intelligence).

And since I absolutely love semi precious stones, I decided to customize bracelets to suit one’s wishes or needs. My bracelets often come with the following:
• a box
• a personalized message
• a personalized drawing

What I mean by personalized is that I am going to channel a specific message and design from the Highest Source Energy that is meant for you to see and know. It may contain a thought-provoking message, guidance or anything under the sun, moon and stars that is relevant to you. No one person can receive exactly the same message or design.

Here are a few fun facts about the bracelets I design. They are:
• cleansed
• charged under the full moon
• programmed to respond only to the owner
• amplified and blessed through thetathealing, an energy modality that uses the Highest Source Energy
• programmed for a particular objective (e.g. love, prosperity, success, overall health and wellness, less negativity, fertility)

Here are a few bracelet packages that I’ve done.



Here is a list of semi precious stones I offer:
• Amethyst
• Aquamarine
• Black Onyx
• Carnelian
• Citrine
• Clear Quartz
• Moonstone
• Rose Quartz
• Snowflake Obsidian
• Sunstone
• Others
(Note: I will be updating this page to show a photo of the stones and a short description of what the stone can do)

If you’d like to purchase a stone bracelet from me or are curious for more info on this, please contact me via my email account at claire.cua@gmail.com. You can also leave a message in this blog post.

Namaste and let the stone choose you.

Angel Number 1111

Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? Maybe, you see them on a clock, your cellphone, your watch, a vehicle plate number, a receipt or even on media?

Regardless of where you might have seen them, this might be a way of the Universe to communicate with you so pay attention. It is not a coincidence.

One of the more commonly seen number is the repetition of 1’s, such as 11, 111 and 1111.

I keep on seeing these nunbers on my cell phones and computers for several weeks now. If you’d take a look at the image below, the date on my phone is June 11, the time is 11:11AM, and the download percentage completion of my Chrome Browser is at 11%.


I did not plan on seeing all these numbers this many times in just one instance but I did.

Personally, I see that 1’s represents wishes that have been granted and, will be granted. This also serves as a reminder that the Universe is listening intently to your thoughts and therefore, these thoughts of yours are heard and will be manifested into your reality. So be mindful of your thoughts!

Since two years ago, I have wished for  the following:
• Lots of supportive friends and family members
• Stone supplies for my business
• Job post as a metaphysician in a wellness/ healing center
• Clients that I could really help
• Osho Zen Tarot
• Silk cloth
• My personal blog site
• Lots of free food in the office
• Trips and travels
• Lipstick that I really love
• More savings in my bank accounts
• Mediums for me to unleash my creative prowess (e.g. writing, sketching)
• Samsung Note 4
• Direction as to which career path to proceed with
• Received advice on the optimal location/country to be in
• Others

All of these wishes, no matter how small or large they are, have been granted. It took me and the Universe two years for all these blessings to manifest and they did manifest.

Note that how I see 1’s is based completely on my perception and on my experience. Yours may be different and, that is completely fine.

Now, tell me. What is the Universe telling you? What numbers do you constantly see?

For a full list of angel numbers and their corresponding meanings, please view:
sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com. Thanks to my good friend, Michael Salientes for sharing this website with me!

Talentadong Pinoy: Arnold Posadas


“Life was a constant struggle… until I embraced what I loved doing.”
– Arnold Posadas, artist

Arnold’s reality before his breakthrough in the art world in 2016 and up until now is all about bringing pride to his parents. At the time, his main vision of himself is to be a responsible man – with a good job that pays well.

Upon entering college, he wanted to please his parents and so he decided to study restaurant management in De La Salle University. He also joined an art group and spent his time during breaks, early mornings and after dismissal for his art.



After he graduated, he got a job in the food industry. With his income, he mostly bought himself art supplies, like canvases and wet paint. He said, “Every time I get home after work at around 4PM, I paint. I never thought of being in exhibits or selling my paintings. The reason why I paint is for myself.”


After 6 years with this kind of lifestyle, he decided to become a seafarer. He knew that with the traveling that comes with his job, he can make his life more colorful. He also kept in mind that by working in a luxury liner, he can make his dad proud.

Several places that he has visited included Venice, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, North America and South Carolina. He shared, “I felt envious when I saw the art in these countries that I travel to. I wish that this
was what I was doing instead.” Inspite of this, Arnold is thankful for his travels. Somehow, seeing different cultures with different art styles feeds his artist mind.


He finally settled back to his home country, the Philippines in 2010. But still, he chose the food industry as his main career path. He said, “Back then, if I were asked what I can do, I would only answer you with ‘food service’. That is all I know and all I can do”.

What was his wake up call to finally do his passion? Again, it is his desire to bring pride to his dad and ultimately, to be proud of himself.

Arnold found some time to reflect upon his life choices with regards to his career upon hospitalization. He experienced the enlargement of the heart and pneumonia, which caused further pain to his heart. The doctors also advised him that his sickness can be very unpredictable.

With the time he spent in the hospital, and with his dad being recently diagnosed with cancer, he thought, “I should start doing things that I find pride in – I should constantly do things that makes my life ‘colorful’. And also, I am hoping that my dad is proud of what I’m doing.”


Soon after, he resigned and he lost a lot – he lost a lot of the worries, the fears and the heaviness on his shoulders. He felt free and has fully accepted that what he loved doing is art. And that he deserves to paint full time because this is what makes him happy.

Now, Arnold is a recently discovered painter in the Philippines and his first art exhibit was in 2016 June 9. His style is all about making you wonder and ask, “What’s the story behind this? Who or what is this?” More importantly, he is now excited to wake up every morning and paint.

Check out more of Arnold’s work and studies via his instagram account – hotdawgzkafe.





Practicing gratefulness

Why start a gratitude journal? For starters, it can help you generate positive emotions.

Last 11 June 2016, I began writing down the things that I’m thankful for on the digital pages of my Samsung Note 4 – which, by the way, I got at the price that I wanted along with a free tempered glass and casing.

Surprisingly, in just half a day, I was already looking at so many things that I am thankful for.



On that same day, I also got treated to free dinner by someone whom I met for the first time. At first, it felt so awkward being treated to food by someone I barely know but in the end, I just became grateful.

I became inspired to get a chair made from stone as I sat on my very first Jade chair. Can you believe it? It is a chair made of Jade!

I also had an interview with Arnold Posadas, one of the amazing artists in the art exhibit I went to in SM Aura.

With much luck, among other things, I also got a ride home and am safe and sound.

So pick a “notebook”, start writing about the things that you are thankful for, and see what happens.

Have fun! And feel free to share your experience here.

Simply indecisive? Tarot Cards can help!

Since I first got a tarot deck back in 2013, I had a habit of consulting my tarot cards for almost everything, including my yes or no questions. I felt very guided by my tarot cards because they share to me the reality of my situation and of my concerns.

I got my first tarot deck at a point in my life where I felt very confused about almost everything. I constantly spoke with my tarot cards and they answered me like I was a friend.

This is the very first tarot deck that I owned. As you can notice, this is a Zombie-inspired creation. I usually get several feedback from people that the fact that I own a zombie deck comes as a surprise.


If you are wondering why I got this particular deck, it was because I had no choice. This tarot deck chose me.

And this is the story behind it. I’ve already been to several Fully Booked bookstores in Manila, Philippines and the tarot card decks were all out of stock except for this one.

I came to think that this may be the one that is meant for me and so I got it. I would have never chosen this deck if there were other available choices. True enough, I must say we are compatible. I quickly learned how to communicate and connect with my tarot.

To enhance my understanding of how to use tarot decks, I also got a tarot book entitled 10 Minute Tarot by Skye Alexander.


I learned a yes or no spread from this book, among other things. And I have kept on using this spread many, many times until my tarot cards stopped answering me.

My questions included:
Does he like me? Will he pursue me?
Should I take this job?
Will they give me a job offer?
Is it beneficial for me to buy this?
Should I visit this person?

I kept on asking the same questions repetitively but to no avail, my cards already fell silent.

Why? My cards may have realized that I was already giving away my “power”, as I became overly reliant to what my cards say. I had to learn how to decide for myself and to trust in the decisions I make.

Being a Human X-ray

Back in 2015, I became a Thetahealing Intuitive Anatomy certified practitioner. The Intuitive Anatomy class runs for about 15 days and with each day, a major body system is discussed.

Imagine that with the class, you are taught on how to be a human x-ray where you can intuitively scan people and check their emotional, mental and physical state (similar to Beymax of the animation, Big Hero 6). We were educated that prolonged unpleasant thoughts and emotions eventually manifest as a physical condition.

And by addressing the root of the emotional pain, we can relieve any illness as long as our patients are ready and willing to heal.

Thetahealing 101

Also in 2013, right after my Transgenerational Healing session, I studied as a thetahealing student. I earned my practitioner certification from ThINK Institute of America in 2013, and specialized in Intuitive Anatomy in 2015.

Based on my experience, thetahealing is a wonderful, empowering and life-changing modality. It can shift your life through changing your beliefs. My practice revolves around the idea that “your thoughts create your reality”. And through thetathealing, with the guidance and connection with God, we can access your mind and change your beliefs and therefore, change your reality.

For instance, if you believe that you are beautiful, then the Universe will constantly bring you people and circumstances that prove you are beautiful. If the opposite is true, then you will constantly attract experiences that make you feel not so beautiful. This happens because we always want to be right – whether consciously or subconsciously.

As a thetahealing practitioner, I have witnessed and personally experienced the following:
• Talking with deceased people
• Conversing with angels
• Changing and activating genes
• Healing sicknesses
• Communicating with plants and animals
• Allowing myself and others to feel joy, bliss and other positive emotions
• Healing and mending broken souls
• Knowing your divine purpose
• Seeing past lives
• Predicting the future
• Sending waywards and fallens up to God’s light
• And so much more

All of these seemed so impossible to me before I took up thetathealing. But now, knowing how to do all of these seemed normal.

I thank Vianna Stibal for creating thetahealing and sharing this modality with the world. I’ll meet you in the flesh one day, Vianna! And, thank you!

Are you a fellow thetahealing student or are interested in being one? Or do you want to witness any of these wonderful experiences? Message me and I’ll gladly respond.

Transgenerational Healing

After going to a faith healer and psychotherapist, as well as attending Zen sesshins (meditation sessions), I felt like there was still something missing. I still wanted to know why a lot of my loved ones passed on so early.

As if destined, one of my childhood friends shared to me websites that could possibly answer my questions. I became most intrigued with “Transgenerational Healing”. This healing involves uncovering some hidden experiences that may have affected my family line thus, explaining their deaths.

Without a doubt, I attended the Transgenerational Healing workshop. In that workshop, I met a wonderful healer named Usha. She started off with a lecture and she discussed that what keeps us going is the love we receive from our parents and from the Creator of All That Is (whom I consider as God). Her metaphor of this concept was a vehicle…

“Think of yourself as a vehicle. In order for you to keep on moving, you have to be fueled by love.”

After the lecture, each participant shared to Usha the issues and/or patterns they’d like to resolve in their family line. And so did I.

During the session, attendees took part in the healing by representing a person, religion, country, energy or catastrophe that’s relevant to their issue. And as everyone did their part in ‘role playing’ in the participant’s family line, the root of the issue is then revealed, identified and healed – allowing love to flow again.

As of December 2015, I already participated twice – mainly to heal the line of my mom and dad. I now understand why life happened the way it did and ultimately, have fully accepted what happened to my parents.

My biggest realization with this experience of mine is that if you seek for answers, you’ll receive the answers when you are ready.

If you have recurring family issues and/or patterns, Transgenerational Healing can help you. Note that Usha usually visits the Philippines to conduct Transgenerational Healing workshops twice or thrice a year.

Come and message me so I can update you regarding Usha’s workshop schedules in Manila, Philippines.

Zen Practice

In 2013, I started going to Zen sessions, which is all about sitting and praying in silence. My first sesshin (meditation session) took place in Baguio, Philippines.

I knew that meditations will help me quiet my mind and get a better grasp of my thoughts, and it did.

As an added bonus, I met people who were similar to me – Dr. Rudy, Louie and Sars. They all found Zen during the most difficult periods in their life and so did I. What I’m most grateful for is the fact that life gave me these people – people who shared similar fates as mine. More importantly, they welcomed me as if I were their own. And at the time, I needed that sense of family as I was already on my own – given my parents already passed away and my brother is in the US.

Because of that moment, I now truly believe that God always sends me the right people at the right time at the right place.

To get through from our life struggles, the one practice that helped me is the basic act of breathing. As we breathe, we breathe in life – we connect to God. And this is what Zen is all about.

Since then, everyday, for a couple of months, I sat in silence (knowing fully that I’m always connected to God) for about 20-30 minutes upon waking up in the morning.

Sessions with a Psychotherapist

After I visited Nanay Minda in Davao, Philippines, my friends already convinced me to visit a psychotherapist. At the time, I was already considering that I might be crazy or clinically depressed.

One day, I visited a psychotherapist in Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines without knowing what to expect. My first session with her was all about being gentle with myself. This was because I had a tendency of punishing myself for every single thing I did wrong, which entailed a lot of verbal abuse.

“Was it my fault? I think, it’s all my fault.
Why couldn’t I think like that?
I’m so stupid, stupid, stupid”

Since then, I became more mindful of my actions and my thoughts. I noticed that I got better as I came to understand myself more with each counseling session until finally, I decided that I’m ok.

The most important learning I had with my sessions is that my life is not that bad. In fact, if I were to count the number of years I had been happy versus the years I was sad, the former outweighs the latter.

My psychotherapist made me realize that I am actually blessed in spite of the losses I experienced with the people and dog closest to me. For most of the years that I have been alive, I spent these with the best possible companions. I was always showered with love when I was with them – love that could truly last me a lifetime. For that, I am thankful.

It took me about 5 or 6 counseling sessions and good to note, my last session happened back in 2013. How fast I healed was highly dependent on how ready I was to get better. And to get better, I took the necessary steps.

On a side note, kudos to psychotherapists! I used to be ashamed that I sought a psychotherapist as I have always associated this act to the mentally ill. Personally, based on experience, I see psychotherapists as friends who are always willing to listen and to help.

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