Faith Healer in Davao, Philippines

Late 2012, I was already heavily consumed with thoughts of “wanting to die”. I felt like I was the cause of everyone’s death – this included the death of my mom, best friend, dad and dog. I also got into thinking that I may be the reason why my grandparents from both sides of my family passed away early.

I had questions, a lot of questions and one of my major questions is, “Malas ba ako? Am I bad luck?”

Soon after, I intentionally met with a faith healer in Davao, Philippines, who goes by the name of Minda Nao. When I asked her to help me, she started by taking my palm. She then, got a grain of wheat and started to lightly scratch my palm using it. On the seventh stroke, the grain broke into two. This meant that I committed a sin against the 7th commandment of the Bible, which is “thou shall not commit adultery”.

Up until now, I never truly understood how I committed adultery. Though perhaps, at the time, I needed healing that went beyond all logic and reasoning. All that was needed on my part is to accept that healing was already happening. What she told me though was that all the malas (or bad luck) is gone and that my life is going to get better. Remarkably, it did actually, and it still is getting better.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason why I met Nanay Minda was to enlighten me that healing comes with faith — faith that everything will be ok without my rational mind hindering the healing process.

In our Tagalog language, magtiwala ka (or just trust).

Note: I am a Catholic by birth. In the Philippines, our main religion is Catholicism.


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