Why am I a healer?

When my mom passed away back when I was in 3rd year college last 2009, I’ve gone through a tough time accepting her death. That same year, my college best friend got diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away in 2012. Their sicknesses and journey are quite the same – both did their best to recover but their cancer relapsed twice. My dad and pet dog also followed in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

A few months later, my only brother went to work in the US in 2013.

I found myself lonely and uncontrollably sad for six years even if I graduated as cum laude in Ateneo de Manila University and got a job in one of the best market research companies worldwide.

Back then, I had so many tears that just fell while at home, in public transit, during drinking sessions and at work. Whenever my other family members, friends and colleagues came to comfort me, all their gestures felt so meaningless.

I knew in my heart that I needed to take some time off work and so I resigned. Finally having time for self-reflection, a thought crossed my mind, “I want to be a healer. If I were a healer, I could have healed my mom, my best friend, my dad and my dog. But first and foremost, I have to be healed myself.”

In 2015, I considered myself as fully healed.


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