Practicing gratefulness

Why start a gratitude journal? For starters, it can help you generate positive emotions.

Last 11 June 2016, I began writing down the things that I’m thankful for on the digital pages of my Samsung Note 4 – which, by the way, I got at the price that I wanted along with a free tempered glass and casing.

Surprisingly, in just half a day, I was already looking at so many things that I am thankful for.



On that same day, I also got treated to free dinner by someone whom I met for the first time. At first, it felt so awkward being treated to food by someone I barely know but in the end, I just became grateful.

I became inspired to get a chair made from stone as I sat on my very first Jade chair. Can you believe it? It is a chair made of Jade!

I also had an interview with Arnold Posadas, one of the amazing artists in the art exhibit I went to in SM Aura.

With much luck, among other things, I also got a ride home and am safe and sound.

So pick a “notebook”, start writing about the things that you are thankful for, and see what happens.

Have fun! And feel free to share your experience here.

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