Talentadong Pinoy: Arnold Posadas


“Life was a constant struggle… until I embraced what I loved doing.”
– Arnold Posadas, artist

Arnold’s reality before his breakthrough in the art world in 2016 and up until now is all about bringing pride to his parents. At the time, his main vision of himself is to be a responsible man – with a good job that pays well.

Upon entering college, he wanted to please his parents and so he decided to study restaurant management in De La Salle University. He also joined an art group and spent his time during breaks, early mornings and after dismissal for his art.



After he graduated, he got a job in the food industry. With his income, he mostly bought himself art supplies, like canvases and wet paint. He said, “Every time I get home after work at around 4PM, I paint. I never thought of being in exhibits or selling my paintings. The reason why I paint is for myself.”


After 6 years with this kind of lifestyle, he decided to become a seafarer. He knew that with the traveling that comes with his job, he can make his life more colorful. He also kept in mind that by working in a luxury liner, he can make his dad proud.

Several places that he has visited included Venice, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, North America and South Carolina. He shared, “I felt envious when I saw the art in these countries that I travel to. I wish that this
was what I was doing instead.” Inspite of this, Arnold is thankful for his travels. Somehow, seeing different cultures with different art styles feeds his artist mind.


He finally settled back to his home country, the Philippines in 2010. But still, he chose the food industry as his main career path. He said, “Back then, if I were asked what I can do, I would only answer you with ‘food service’. That is all I know and all I can do”.

What was his wake up call to finally do his passion? Again, it is his desire to bring pride to his dad and ultimately, to be proud of himself.

Arnold found some time to reflect upon his life choices with regards to his career upon hospitalization. He experienced the enlargement of the heart and pneumonia, which caused further pain to his heart. The doctors also advised him that his sickness can be very unpredictable.

With the time he spent in the hospital, and with his dad being recently diagnosed with cancer, he thought, “I should start doing things that I find pride in – I should constantly do things that makes my life ‘colorful’. And also, I am hoping that my dad is proud of what I’m doing.”


Soon after, he resigned and he lost a lot – he lost a lot of the worries, the fears and the heaviness on his shoulders. He felt free and has fully accepted that what he loved doing is art. And that he deserves to paint full time because this is what makes him happy.

Now, Arnold is a recently discovered painter in the Philippines and his first art exhibit was in 2016 June 9. His style is all about making you wonder and ask, “What’s the story behind this? Who or what is this?” More importantly, he is now excited to wake up every morning and paint.

Check out more of Arnold’s work and studies via his instagram account – hotdawgzkafe.






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