Angel Number 1111

Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? Maybe, you see them on a clock, your cellphone, your watch, a vehicle plate number, a receipt or even on media?

Regardless of where you might have seen them, this might be a way of the Universe to communicate with you so pay attention. It is not a coincidence.

One of the more commonly seen number is the repetition of 1’s, such as 11, 111 and 1111.

I keep on seeing these nunbers on my cell phones and computers for several weeks now. If you’d take a look at the image below, the date on my phone is June 11, the time is 11:11AM, and the download percentage completion of my Chrome Browser is at 11%.


I did not plan on seeing all these numbers this many times in just one instance but I did.

Personally, I see that 1’s represents wishes that have been granted and, will be granted. This also serves as a reminder that the Universe is listening intently to your thoughts and therefore, these thoughts of yours are heard and will be manifested into your reality. So be mindful of your thoughts!

Since two years ago, I have wished for  the following:
• Lots of supportive friends and family members
• Stone supplies for my business
• Job post as a metaphysician in a wellness/ healing center
• Clients that I could really help
• Osho Zen Tarot
• Silk cloth
• My personal blog site
• Lots of free food in the office
• Trips and travels
• Lipstick that I really love
• More savings in my bank accounts
• Mediums for me to unleash my creative prowess (e.g. writing, sketching)
• Samsung Note 4
• Direction as to which career path to proceed with
• Received advice on the optimal location/country to be in
• Others

All of these wishes, no matter how small or large they are, have been granted. It took me and the Universe two years for all these blessings to manifest and they did manifest.

Note that how I see 1’s is based completely on my perception and on my experience. Yours may be different and, that is completely fine.

Now, tell me. What is the Universe telling you? What numbers do you constantly see?

For a full list of angel numbers and their corresponding meanings, please view: Thanks to my good friend, Michael Salientes for sharing this website with me!


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