Transgenerational Healing

After going to a faith healer and psychotherapist, as well as attending Zen sesshins (meditation sessions), I felt like there was still something missing. I still wanted to know why a lot of my loved ones passed on so early.

As if destined, one of my childhood friends shared to me websites that could possibly answer my questions. I became most intrigued with “Transgenerational Healing”. This healing involves uncovering some hidden experiences that may have affected my family line thus, explaining their deaths.

Without a doubt, I attended the Transgenerational Healing workshop. In that workshop, I met a wonderful healer named Usha. She started off with a lecture and she discussed that what keeps us going is the love we receive from our parents and from the Creator of All That Is (whom I consider as God). Her metaphor of this concept was a vehicle…

“Think of yourself as a vehicle. In order for you to keep on moving, you have to be fueled by love.”

After the lecture, each participant shared to Usha the issues and/or patterns they’d like to resolve in their family line. And so did I.

During the session, attendees took part in the healing by representing a person, religion, country, energy or catastrophe that’s relevant to their issue. And as everyone did their part in ‘role playing’ in the participant’s family line, the root of the issue is then revealed, identified and healed – allowing love to flow again.

As of December 2015, I already participated twice – mainly to heal the line of my mom and dad. I now understand why life happened the way it did and ultimately, have fully accepted what happened to my parents.

My biggest realization with this experience of mine is that if you seek for answers, you’ll receive the answers when you are ready.

If you have recurring family issues and/or patterns, Transgenerational Healing can help you. Note that Usha usually visits the Philippines to conduct Transgenerational Healing workshops twice or thrice a year.

Come and message me so I can update you regarding Usha’s workshop schedules in Manila, Philippines.


Zen Practice

In 2013, I started going to Zen sessions, which is all about sitting and praying in silence. My first sesshin (meditation session) took place in Baguio, Philippines.

I knew that meditations will help me quiet my mind and get a better grasp of my thoughts, and it did.

As an added bonus, I met people who were similar to me – Dr. Rudy, Louie and Sars. They all found Zen during the most difficult periods in their life and so did I. What I’m most grateful for is the fact that life gave me these people – people who shared similar fates as mine. More importantly, they welcomed me as if I were their own. And at the time, I needed that sense of family as I was already on my own – given my parents already passed away and my brother is in the US.

Because of that moment, I now truly believe that God always sends me the right people at the right time at the right place.

To get through from our life struggles, the one practice that helped me is the basic act of breathing. As we breathe, we breathe in life – we connect to God. And this is what Zen is all about.

Since then, everyday, for a couple of months, I sat in silence (knowing fully that I’m always connected to God) for about 20-30 minutes upon waking up in the morning.

Sessions with a Psychotherapist

After I visited Nanay Minda in Davao, Philippines, my friends already convinced me to visit a psychotherapist. At the time, I was already considering that I might be crazy or clinically depressed.

One day, I visited a psychotherapist in Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines without knowing what to expect. My first session with her was all about being gentle with myself. This was because I had a tendency of punishing myself for every single thing I did wrong, which entailed a lot of verbal abuse.

“Was it my fault? I think, it’s all my fault.
Why couldn’t I think like that?
I’m so stupid, stupid, stupid”

Since then, I became more mindful of my actions and my thoughts. I noticed that I got better as I came to understand myself more with each counseling session until finally, I decided that I’m ok.

The most important learning I had with my sessions is that my life is not that bad. In fact, if I were to count the number of years I had been happy versus the years I was sad, the former outweighs the latter.

My psychotherapist made me realize that I am actually blessed in spite of the losses I experienced with the people and dog closest to me. For most of the years that I have been alive, I spent these with the best possible companions. I was always showered with love when I was with them – love that could truly last me a lifetime. For that, I am thankful.

It took me about 5 or 6 counseling sessions and good to note, my last session happened back in 2013. How fast I healed was highly dependent on how ready I was to get better. And to get better, I took the necessary steps.

On a side note, kudos to psychotherapists! I used to be ashamed that I sought a psychotherapist as I have always associated this act to the mentally ill. Personally, based on experience, I see psychotherapists as friends who are always willing to listen and to help.

Faith Healer in Davao, Philippines

Late 2012, I was already heavily consumed with thoughts of “wanting to die”. I felt like I was the cause of everyone’s death – this included the death of my mom, best friend, dad and dog. I also got into thinking that I may be the reason why my grandparents from both sides of my family passed away early.

I had questions, a lot of questions and one of my major questions is, “Malas ba ako? Am I bad luck?”

Soon after, I intentionally met with a faith healer in Davao, Philippines, who goes by the name of Minda Nao. When I asked her to help me, she started by taking my palm. She then, got a grain of wheat and started to lightly scratch my palm using it. On the seventh stroke, the grain broke into two. This meant that I committed a sin against the 7th commandment of the Bible, which is “thou shall not commit adultery”.

Up until now, I never truly understood how I committed adultery. Though perhaps, at the time, I needed healing that went beyond all logic and reasoning. All that was needed on my part is to accept that healing was already happening. What she told me though was that all the malas (or bad luck) is gone and that my life is going to get better. Remarkably, it did actually, and it still is getting better.

Maybe, just maybe, the reason why I met Nanay Minda was to enlighten me that healing comes with faith — faith that everything will be ok without my rational mind hindering the healing process.

In our Tagalog language, magtiwala ka (or just trust).

Note: I am a Catholic by birth. In the Philippines, our main religion is Catholicism.

Why am I a healer?

When my mom passed away back when I was in 3rd year college last 2009, I’ve gone through a tough time accepting her death. That same year, my college best friend got diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away in 2012. Their sicknesses and journey are quite the same – both did their best to recover but their cancer relapsed twice. My dad and pet dog also followed in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

A few months later, my only brother went to work in the US in 2013.

I found myself lonely and uncontrollably sad for six years even if I graduated as cum laude in Ateneo de Manila University and got a job in one of the best market research companies worldwide.

Back then, I had so many tears that just fell while at home, in public transit, during drinking sessions and at work. Whenever my other family members, friends and colleagues came to comfort me, all their gestures felt so meaningless.

I knew in my heart that I needed to take some time off work and so I resigned. Finally having time for self-reflection, a thought crossed my mind, “I want to be a healer. If I were a healer, I could have healed my mom, my best friend, my dad and my dog. But first and foremost, I have to be healed myself.”

In 2015, I considered myself as fully healed.

Home of Clarity

I am Claire, and this blog contains my life stories and the perceptions I have about my reality. This space mainly allows me to talk about things, events and situations that are highly spiritual or inspirational in nature.

Since 2013, I have been and still is a metaphysics practitioner. Part of my life purpose is to help people recognize, acknowledge and live up to their full potential. I offer services that uplift people and motivate them to be who they are really meant to be.

My offered services include intuitive counseling via tarot card reading, past and future life reading, most compatible soulmate reading, production of specially customized stone bracelets, angel reading, speaking with deceased loved ones, plants and animals, as well as dream interpretation. One gift that I share with others is my ability to influence change in people’s thoughts and beliefs, resulting to a change in their reality.

I intend to live out this life purpose of mine in the long run and plan to continuously earn certifications in the field of metaphysics.

To you, the reader, I trust that this blog can open windows and doors of possibilities, hope and trust, as my life experiences did mine.